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Rev Your Engine For Sunday With 11 of the Best Super Bowl Car Commercials

Fifteen years ago tomorrow during the Super Bowl, Ford aired its first TV ad for the GT supercar.

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Fifteen years ago tomorrow, Ford unveiled the GT – a high-performance supercar based on based on the muscular marque’s Le Mans-winning GT40 race car- during an epic Super Bowl commercial.

To introduce the car the world, director Jeff Zwart put Rod Millen behind the wheel of one of the rubber-roasters and told him to let it rip on Thunderhill Raceway in California while a V8-filled soundtrack pulsed in the background.  

A great ad to be sure, but just one of many iconic and memorable Super Bowl spots that have aired throughout the years.

The automotive sector typically goes big on Super Sunday – spending an estimated $71.8 million in 2017 alone – and we, as viewers, generally reap the benefits.

Even though we are still a few days away from seeing what the auto industry will serve up this year, here’s a look in the rearview at 11 of best Super Bowl car ads in recent memory.

1 – Ford GT (2004): Get in the driver’s seat of a real-deal supercar. 

2 – Kia Optima (2012): Hello Adriana Lima, Chuck Liddell, and Motley Crue.

3 – Jeep Wrangler (2018): Take a journey back into Jurassic Park. 

4 – Maserati Ghibli (2014): Quvenzhané Wallis has voiceover skills.

5 -Audi R8 (2008): What’s even worse than waking up to a horse’s head?

6 – Toyota Prius (2016): A hit with fans of The Wire. 

7 – Audi A6 (2009): Jason Statham goes through some vintage car chases.

8 – Hyundai Genesis (2016): Kevin Hart and Queen are a good pairing.

9 – Volkswagen Passat (2011): Luke, I am your car commercial. 

10 – Cadillac V-Series (2005): A CTS-V doing 0-60 in under five seconds ain’t bad. 

11 -Volkswagen GTI Mk5 (2006): Xzibit and Chamillionaire would hate this one.