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New App Allows Bentley Owners To Rent Other Bentleys

Members of the Bentley Network can pick from a fleet of cars in three different cities.

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Waiting in line for a rental car can be frustrating, especially if you’re away from home and can’t drive your own Bentley.

So, Bentley has come to the rescue with its new, exclusive, on-demand rental service. With it, the luxury car owners can now pick the Bentley of their choice and have it delivered to them.

“Bentley on demand has been created to meet the expectations of owners who wish to drive a Bentley while traveling or who desire a different Bentley for special occasions,” the company said in a press release.

Members simply validate their account and then choose from an extensive supply in the car company’s fleet.

Navigating the Bentley has also never been easier. The concierge who delivers the luxury vehicle explains all of the car’s features to ensure smooth sailing—or driving. The length of the ride, along with pick-up and drop-off locations, are determined by the driver behind the wheel.

The service is still in the trial stage, but is now available in New York City, Los Angeles, and Dallas.

Bentley on demand
(Bentley Motors)
Bentley on demand
(Bentley Motors)