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Jaguar to Offer Ultra-Limited Run of ‘Reborn’ Iconic E-Type Coupes

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Jaguar Launching 'Reborn' Series of E-Types


Building on the success of a one-off series back in 2014, Jaguar Classic will be releasing an ultra-limited run for its new E-Type Reborn brand.

Currently on display at the Techno-Classica Essen collector car show in Germany, the first of the E-Type Reborn series is a 1965 Series 1 Fixed Head Coupe 4.2. In a statement, Jaguar said that the run of “comprehensively restored” cars would be limited to just 10 and available for direct sale from the Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works facility in the U.K.

The concept behind E-Type Reborn series is simple yet elegant: Jaguar hunts down highly collectible originals of its own cars, purchases them, lets its own mechanics restore their interior/exterior to their ’60s factory specifications, and then re-sells them. Basically, it takes out the middle man—or the need to follow a car’s provenance or garage history at auction. And what’s better than knowing that the car’s original maker is using its expertise and records to bring it back to working, classic shape?

The first series of E-Type Reborn cars will come from the 1961-68 era and cost about $353,000 each (depending on specifications).

Take a look at a teaser video from Jaguar for the retro series.