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Italian Police Foil Plot to Steal Ferrari Founders’ Remains

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Italian Police Foil Plot to Steal Body of Enzo Ferrari
Italian entrepreneur and racing driver Enzo Ferrari getting off a car by his car manufacturer, 1966 (Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images)


Late luxury automaker Enzo Ferrari is now part of another exclusive club—but for all the wrong reasons.

According to CNN, Italian police have foiled a plot by over 30 people to steal Ferrari’s body from his grave, where he’s been lying in quiet repose since 1988.

If the scheme succeeded, Ferrari would join a who’s who of famous figures targeted by would-be grave-robbers, a pantheon that includes the likes of Abraham Lincoln, Charlie Chaplin, and Elvis Presley.

Ferrari’s gravesite is in Modena, Italy, where the Ferrari factory is still based. Per CNN, the alleged wannabe grave robbers were part of a crime syndicate called Anonima Sequestri, which had a history of kidnapping/ransom crimes.

This year, Ferrari (the company) is celebrating its 70th anniversary.

Below, watch a documentary about Ferrari (the man).