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Buenos Aires Has the World’s Most Beautiful Bookstore

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ARGENTINA, Buenos Aires. El Ateneo bookstore interior. (Getty)
El Ateneo bookstore interior in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (Getty)


It started in 1919 as a theater in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was later converted into a cinema and finally in 2000 became a bookstore after a redesign by the architect Fernando Manzone. Today the El Ateneo Grand Splendid bookstore welcomes around a million visitors each year who come to explore its massive collection of books (including over 4,000 that aren’t in Spanish), as well as classical and jazz CDs.

Learn more about this truly unique bookstore here and see more of it below.

Barrio Norte or Noth Neighborhood, is one of most well known book stores in Buenos Aires, opened as a theater in 1919, in the late twenties became a cinema and in 2000 became a book store - Buenos Aires, Argentina