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The True Story Behind ‘The Infiltrator’

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Bryan Cranston stars as Robert Mazur and John Leguizamo as his partner Emir Abreu in THE INFILTRATOR, a Broad Green Pictures release. (Liam Daniel/Broad Green Pictures)

Robert Mazur’s memoir about his undercover work as federal agent inspired the film The Infiltrator, starring Oscar nominee (and Emmy, Golden Globe, and Tony winner) Bryan Cranston as Mazur. Mazur’s investigations of money laundering wound up implicating everyone from Pablo Escobar to the international banking industry.

Retired for eight years, Mazur still refuses to allow photographs to be taken of him. He is modest about the success of his work: “Someone looking at this film might think the operation really did put a big, major dent in Pablo Escobar. From my perspective, we were something like a bump on the highway.”

Read the full interview here to learn more about how the movie came to be made, what Hollywood typically gets wrong about drug lords, and the parts of The Infiltrator he genuinely likes. Click here to preview/buy Mazur’s memoir and watch the trailer to the film below.