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Classic Movie Posters Up for Auction at Heritage

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Heritage Auctions is set to auction off a number of rare movie posters from July 30-31 at its Dallas headquarters. Included are a number of sought-after collectibles, including posters advertising everything from silent movies to James Bond films. RealClearLife has curated a list of 10 below, along with historical notes about the film or poster.

Thunderball (1965): The movie finds Sean Connery as James Bond, hunting down two nuclear warheads stolen by his enemies in SPECTRE. It’s one of the more sought-after Bond posters because of Connery’s surrounding “company.”

(Heritage Auctions)


Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954): Featuring the artwork of Albert Kallis, this is consistently one of the most sought-after 1950s posters, per Heritage.

Creature from the Black Lagoon
(Heritage Auctions)


Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman (1958): The B-movie, starring Allison Hayes, follows an angry housewife, who gets scratched by an alien, turning her into a giant. She then hunts down her philandering husband. Panic ensues. Artwork is by Reynold Brown.

Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman
(Heritage Auctions)


Triple Trouble (1918): A Charlie Chaplin comedy, the film includes scenes from Essanay two-reelers Police, Work, and an unfinished film, Life. Much of the short is directed by Chaplin, who had already left the studio when the film was released. This is the first time Heritage has ever offered up this poster.

Triple Trouble
(Heritage Auctions)


Plan 9 from Outer Space (1958): Likely the most famous B-movie of all time—due to its sheer wretchedness—Plan 9 is not worth your time. Ed Wood, however, got his own film adaptation of sorts in 1994, when Johnny Depp starred as the eccentric film director. That one’s definitely worth your time.

Plan 9 from Outerspace
(Heritage Auctions)


The Pride of the Yankees (1949): What makes this poster special is the photo of Babe Ruth swinging his bat in the bottom righthand corner. The original poster didn’t include the image. The Babe’s addition sort of makes sense, given that he appeared as himself in the movie.

The Pride of the Yankees
(Heritage Auctions)


Revenge of the Jedi (1982): Director George Lucas changed the film’s title at the last minute, but not before a handful of advance posters were released. For obvious reasons, this one is highly sought after by Star Wars fanatics.

Revenge of the Jedi
(Heritage Auctions)


Bus Stop (1956): One of many Marilyn Monroe vehicles from the era, the actress was nominated for Best Actress – Comedy or Musical at the 1957 Golden Globes (she lost). This is a rare British version of the poster.

Bus Stop
(Heritage Auctions)


Planet of the Apes (1968): The poster advertising the classic first film, starring Charlton Heston, is a rare 30-inch x 40-inch specimen, presumably produced for a large theater chain. Per Heritage, it might be the only one on the market.

Planet of the Apes
(Heritage Auctions)


Lawrence of Arabia (1962): Making its Heritage debut, this original release, featuring Howard Terpning’s iconic image of Peter O’Toole, is extremely popular among film poster collectors. This particular one, however, is as rare as they come.

Lawrence of Arabia
(Heritage Auctions)