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Samsung’s New ‘Frame’ TV Also Doubles As a Piece of Wall Art

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A new Samsung TV is taking a creative approach to artful design by eliminating the concept of an ugly black rectangle hanging on the wall.

The company’s new “The Frame” model is designed to look like a large picture when switched into “Art Mode,” Mashable reports. Catering to a range of aesthetic desires, this mode offers 100 different images across 10 categories of art, including landscape, architecture, and wildlife photography—even drawings, too.

Samsung hasn’t revealed many details about “The Frame,” such as its price or resolution, since it was first unveiled this year at CES. Yet, the company said in a press release it will offer a few different color and frame options, as well as accessories like a studio stand, for a true easel vibe.

The model would also come standard with Samsung’s new “Invisible Connection” and “No Gap Wall-mount” features that eliminate unseemingly wires and hardware. So, it should blend right in with other works of art on the wall—when it’s not being used to binge watch Netflix, of course.