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Now There’s a Tinder for Art

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Wydr App
(Jerome Favre/Bloomberg via Getty Images)


Sure, you could go to an art gallery to get your next Degas or buy it at auction. But what if you could do it, easily, from your smartphone screen?

That’s where the wydr app comes into play. It’s billed as an “open art-trading platform,” which works similarly to the dating app Tinder: swipe right for art you love; swipe left for the stuff you don’t. Those pieces that you’re interested in, you can actually buy and have shipped to you, internationally. (There’s no fee for shipping within the European Union or the same country.)

Wydr App
(Courtesy of Wydr)


The app is perfect for artists, who can showcase and sell their work on the app, and for collectors, who can do the same. To download the app on your smartphone (iOS and Android versions available), click here. Take a look at how it works below.